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Sustainable Development

With a strong belief in sustainability rather than uncontrolled growth, Discovery introduces programs with low impact on the environment and locals; our programs generate income, create jobs and help protect the local ecosystems.

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While creatively refers to new ideas and new approaches, innovation corresponds to the application of these new ideas. We regularly review and revise all of our programs and incessantly explore new ideas.

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Discovery strongly believes that all profits should be shared by everyone involved in creating unforgettable journeys and magical moments for the guests of our country

Ecotourism is all about sustainable development, with low impact on the environment and local community. It is implemented through developing tourist accommodations, activities, and attractions, and encouraging responsible travel and environmentally friendly practices to ensure the protection of natural and cultural heritage and guarantee long-term sustainability rather than short-term profit.

The environment component applies the set of low-impact criteria that minimizes any affect on the environment and makes every effort to prevent damage to the local environment.

The eco-incentive of Discovery applies Ecotourism techniques to the incentive experience. Discovery incentives are a completely different experience from any other trip or vacation.

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