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We guide you to build the team to reach your true potential. These team-building activities do not have to relate directly to the scope of your team’s work. They can be social, physical, psychological, or educational activities set to build bridges between colleagues at many levels outside the scope of work, further strengthening the roots of their social relationships.

Learn the power of your senses, and feel the rhythm of the most ancient of musical strings and drums. Breath the exhilarating freshness of the pure desert air. Discovery ultimately leads you here, but its up to you to unleash your imagination and discover the secrets.

Take peaceful walks through nature. Discover your inner light. Uncover the secret to inner peace through spiritual self-healing. Experience the power and secrets of Bedouin hospitality. Unveil the peace and wisdom of ancient civilization. Meditation helps you become one with yourself through the teachings of our ancestors.


The environmental component applies the set of low-impact criteria that minimizes any affect on the environment and makes every effort to prevent damage to the local environment.

The eco-incentive of Discovery applies to ecotourism techniques to the incentive experience. Discovery incentives are a completely different experience from any other trip or vacation.

We apply the guidelines of Agenda 21 for our industry, and we go beyond it in many instances where we have to take additional care to respect local customs and conditions.

Allow Discovery to help you stand apart from the rest, as a team of theatrical artists and production professionals will make every minute a dazzling dive into ancient dreams. Whether you want to launch a product or convey a thank you, we will always thrill your audience.


No one knows and understands the versatility of Jordanian landscape as well as Discovery. Allow us to enchant and dazzle you with locations so beautiful and unique, striking red mountainous desert, and the largest black basalt desert in the world. There is also modern western style business districts, Ottoman and Islamic architecture, and busy, daily vegetable and craft souks.

From Pillared Roman monuments at the city of Jerash and Gedara to thousands of Nabatean monuments carved into the face of the red sandstone mountains at Petra. Allow Discovery to introduce you the versatility of Jordan’s landscape.

Walk into perfectly preserved castles and palaces half as old as time, explore timeless inscriptions, and be dazzled by ancient technologies such as water systems, wheat and wine grinders, olive presses, sugar farming devices, hunting traps, and more.

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